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Band Bio's
(I just started this page so I'll add more in the future)



       Scot Long's Bio

Someone asked for a bit more info like favorite book, Movie , album. I'll try to add more of this stuff as we think of it. Favorite record is too hard a question too answer, especially for someone like Scot who listens to alot of different styles of music and burns a ton of brain cells a day, but he has been rocking out to TV Smith's cd "Useless". ( TV Smith is th singer of the old school 77 punk band the Adverts and his solo cd "Useless" is a classic. ) Also on the playlist ( mine too ) is a band called Leatherface, their cd "Mush". It's a older record of theirs but probably their best. His favorite movies are "Full Metal Jacket" and Cheech and Chong's Up In Smoke. Other flicks that are Band favorites they we all know a ton of lines from are "Space Balls" and "Bad News on Tour" Which is a Spinal Tap kinda movie with the guys from the Young ones. His favorite books are GIJOE Comics!!! They rock so don't knock it. So there you go , the first update. I guess Aswe come up with more stuff we'll post it.
Favorite football team, the New York Giants. Both me and Scot are Giants fans ( yeah we know they aren't doing well this year! Go screw!)
So to continue here is the rest of the Bio page for each member so you can find out alittle more about our crazy asses. Scot Long, the Drummer!! 

The sign on the glass says "DON'T FEED"!
So this is Scot Long. He's the Drummer.  Lets see, he joined the Krays somewhere around 3 years ago and since then has proven to the best drummer the Krays ever had. I believe he was born in Jersey City New Jersey, which is exactly like Brooklyn New York where I (Jon) was born. That's another story. Anyway, I guess the similarities in where we both grew up is part of what makes us such good friends and band mates. His Nick name is T.W. which stands for Tall Whiteboy which is exactly what he is. When you meet him you'll see what we mean. He is 6 feet 8 inches tall and skinny as all hell.
Take a look at this classic photo , taken while on tour for the first time in Europe, the winter 2000.

Nice long johns huh? So , he started playing drums when he was 15 or 16 I think, playing along to old Metallica ... Years later he met up with BJ (who also played w/ the Krays) and started Polyabuse. They were a fast pasted punk band. They are the guys who turned Scot on to punk and some cool hardcore and got him playing 100 miles per hour. More on them later! So anyway I got to see Polyabuse play in New York at Coney Island High and they were all cool as hell, so I asked them to open for the Krays at CBGB's. I remember it was the same day as the Puerto Rican day parade that year. Anyway we all got along well and when the Krays needed some new blood both BJ and Scot quickly joined. 
What else can I add? Well if any of you know Scot, he has a penchant for recreationl pharmacuticals.
This next picture is Scots normal state on any given day. Especially on tour as this picture shows.


Personally I think Scot is one of the best drummers out there and he's great to write songs with. Some of his favorite bands are Van Halen, Tom Petty, Leatherface, the Truents, a bunch of underground rap from NYC.  It's stuff you don't find in many stores. Pretty cool though. If I think of more to write and find some more photo's I'll post it.


This picture of Scots bum was posted before and since it was taken off there have been many requests to post it again. So here you go you filthy buggers.