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Someone suggested I write a band history, so I thought O.K., so here it is.
The Krays started out named the Millicents, an oi!/Punk band with me [Jon] on drums & Albee on guitar. We went through a few bass players before, starting seriously with Wynn & then a while with Puff and never found a singer. There wasn't many punk bands at the time in New York. So it came to the point where since Me and Albee wrote the songs, we'd sing. [this is gonna be a long story so have patience]
  We started by recording our first demo which had 5 songs and one instrumental sometime in febuary 1994. We did it on a 4 track machine.  Pretty good we thought! [The songs were Midnight Invasion/Tax the Rich/One Stop/Too Lazy/with out words/ Sentenced/]. It was alot of fun recording those demos, trying ways to get the best sound, like singing in the bathroom and all that. Albee's friend Wynn joined us to record a few bass tracks and jam with us for a while. We wrote more songs and tried to find more members so we could play out live. It was cool though , passing out demos at shows and to our friends. We extended the first demo to include the new songs we wrote! [Believe/Soldier/Slick Back Nothing/Jah War {a Ruts cover}] We released that at the end of 1994. A while passed, and after a bit of fueding I changed the name to The Krays. [I also got tired of explaining to people what the Millicents was]
   We finally started to gig in march 1995 when Puff joined with us and we finally decided Me and Albee would just play drums. I'd play guitar and sing the songs I wrote while Al  played drums  and vice versa. We had alot of fun then, pasting flyers around the city & playing shows for our friends. See, Albee and I were the heart of the band. We wrote good songs together or helped each other polish up the ones we didn't.
We jammed like this for about 8 months, playing 5 or 6 shows.
Then we got Dougie on drums and Kenny on bass in the summer of 1995. Doug was in The Denied [w/ Steve from Distraught] but they broke up. We giged  as a four piece and got a good response. Our first gig was the Skalloween show at Coney Island High N.Y.C. October 1995 I believe. We released another demo "The Guns Of Brooklyn" with [Sold Out Traitor/Radio/Write Us Off/I Won't Go/Inside Warfare/ Sobriety/Rip And Tear/More In The Crowd/We Are The Union/Civilised{a Menace cover}. ] and played some great shows. Our second show was great, with the Casualties, Blank 77 and Flatus. That was a great gig with lots of kids. It was when the scene in New York started to get real big. Next came our first vinyl, a split double 7" with The Truents which came out christmas time 1996. [our songs were /Sold out Traitor/Sobriety & a Sham 69 cover "Dare To Win" which we recored w/ The Truents w/ me on lead vocals]. What a drunken time we had the night it came out. It's a great feeling when your first record comes out! But problems came up of course. I guess it was being around someone so long with a lot of old beef held in for too long. It also could have been the change in attitude and direction. Whatever the cause was , Albee & I just didn't click anymore and a band without a leader doesn't move anywhere. We never agreed on covers anymore and the songwriting pretty much stopped. So after much confusion on what we should do, Albee ended up out,  and we decided to keep going when Mark from GMM records approached us about releasing a full length. So we recorded some songs at Noise Floor Studios for him to listen to.[Midnight Invasion/Rip & Tear/Write us Off/Believe/More In The Crowd/Invisible/King Of The Little People] Dougie soon quit tho. I guess things weren't going so well and we were all confused about how to continue.  We finished the album, adding a new lead guitarist, Carlos from the Infiltrators. "Inside Warfare", which ended up on Tribal War Records came out in January 1998. I played the drums on the rest of the tracks. I thought we might be better off ending the band there since so much had changed, but so many new and good songs got written , so we kept on w/ me on drums and vocals. We had some good gigs then but the fire I felt when Me, Albee and Puff played was gone! We recorded another split single, this time w/ the Infiltators [Radio/Won't Get Fooled Again {a Who cover}] Soon Kenny was thrown out [we had no choice] and Mark Yoshitomi came on board. I was unhappy tho and joined the Casualties on bass when Mike left. I toured with them , recorded on their 2nd LP, and had alot of fun, but beside me not getting along with jorge, I still felt there was unfinished business w/ the Krays. So we picked it up again but
didn't do much at that time but record some compilation tracks, play a few shows and write songs for our next album.
      Things were really shitty for the band at this time.
Mark left. He didn't  want to tour, which was a goal we were trying hard to get to, after so many years already playing as a band. I took over on bass for a while. After a long search for a real drummer we found someone named Dennis (from the Bulsheveks), and recorded "A BATTLE FOR THE TRUTH" our 2nd lp, and set out for our first US tour, which was a disaster, with Carlos not even going, Dennis leaving after like 3 shows, and Me and the fill in bassist Frank(also from the Bulsheveks) finishing the tour with the drummer from the Bloodclots, who learned a bunch of tunes like in 3 days. Atleast I was proud of the album, although at this point I felt cursed to be in this band.
So back home after that summer I was ready to start a new band, but Kenny came along and we tried to get things right one more time. B.J. -guitar and Scot-drums (both from Polyabuse) filled out the line up.
We took a few months to gel, then we tried to take over the world. Our first real show was with the Blanks 77 @ the Continental in N.Y. and it rocked! After that we played a ton of gigs and many tour, our first was a full U.S. tour opening for the Blanks 77 along with the Forgotten. We had a shit load of fun and played alot of great shows, especially the west coast. Other great gigs we played were the last 2 Beer Olymics in Altlanta. 700 + kids and great bands. We also made it to Europe 2 times, although the last time, just last summer 2001 was rough on us. After that it was splitsville again! I was very into the idea of quitting and did for a while, but after some time off decided to continue.
The line up now is
Murat-Guitar (also of the N.Y. Rel-x)
Spencer-Bass (of Suburban Crisis)
Over the course of last Year, in between the tours, Scot and I were hard at work writing a ton of new songs for a new Album. So now it's finally done. "A Time For Action" is the title and it's gonna be released by TKO Records, actually a favorite label of ours . The release date being Sep 3rd I belive.
B.J., Scot and I have also reformed Ployabuse with their old bassist Oniel.
Things have started alittle slow, but keep on the look out for that.
      So we come to the end. I want to say whats up to Albee. We started the band but sometimes people change or can't go on the same roads you want to, but  of all the people who have come and go in this band , he is very important to our history. [ I hope you dig the page bro!! ] , I also want to thank  everyone who has helped us out over the years, especially Tom @ Noise Floor Studios. He made a home for us there and we value his friendship. I also want to thank Adi,  she put in alot of hard work for us and we really appreciate it.
      - Jon -
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