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There really are places where people truly belive in peace. There are places where people do in fact come together, and express that feeling, and all really is well. I think I managed to go there recently. An amazing friend of mine helped me on a long journey to actually stand in the middle of this place, and feel and live that wonderful miracle. It startyed out with me stumbling into a recording in a studio in the polish suburb of Greenpoint in Brooklyn. From there I have hgad the chance to record so music, and with the faith and talent of the studio owner, Tom, begin a journey I didnt even realise I was on. I got to stand in the middle of a huge show in where everyone was having a good time, joining together, and being people. It was a music festival, the "Polish Woodstock". Thje largest open air festival in Europe. We were so fortunate (with the loving help of Tom) To make it all the way there and see for our selves, first hand, how great people, and other places can be. TO be asked to even participate in this event is huge, and all I can say is how honored I am to actually be accepted into such a place of true love and hope. Crap, I can't say more about it all.  We shared water with people, laughs, and were given love and respect beyond meassure. I can never be truly worthy of such an honor. Anyway, the bottom line is that hope does exist, goodness and positive vibes honestey and truly do make a difference in this often sick world we live in. I am a new deciple of hope, and truth, and a positive end to this amazingly difficult but sometimes great life. Suerte mi amigos! Si no te veo, te veo en la otra lado.
Johnny and the fuckin Krays
I've been asked alot of questions about our experience in Poland. Some people want to know how much the show cost. It was a free show !!! There was no monster rip off of the kids out there. It was a free show, for any and all to attend. Some camped out for a whole week, to get the good spots. There were thousands of tents along the ooutskirts of the grounds. How much was food and drink. As far as alcohol, they only sold beer, and it waas about 2 bux U.S. a can, for about a 16 ounce can!! And hella good, strong brew as well. TYSIE!!!! Food as equally inexpensive. All the bands played for a nominal fee. The show was all about having a good time, no violence, no drugs, just music and peace!! Well over 300,000 people, and I didn't see one fight, one ruckus. Just people having a great time, and bands playing their hearts out.
To be a part of such a positive event was truely an honor. Bands petition to be on this gig. This year had about 750 bands attempt. We were lucky enough to be asked.