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My birthday is the day after christmas 
I am presently working for a general contractor. 
I love the Simpsons. Reading gives me a headache so I try to absorb knowledge from The Discovery Channel and The History channel and VH1. 
I dont/have never done any drugs but I do like to get my drink on. 
I am currently in All Or None (Spencer and I are long lost step brothers), and have played with a few other bands around my area that have'nt really been doin much lately such as Fine Line and my younger brothers band, Hand$ Down. 
Fine Line was my first band I formed with the Schmidt brothers When I was 18. 
I started playing (trying to play) guitar when I was 11. I found my moms old acoustic guitar in my grandparents attic and started fucking around with that thing a bit. When I was 13 My grandparents bought me my first electric guitar for christmas/my 14th birthday. It was a knock off strat and a little practice amp. Thats when I really started to get somewhere. I used to listen to and try to emulate all the Nirvana and Rancid cds. haha I used to listen to that stuff non stop. That was when I first met my friend and "punk rock mentor" Mad Bill. He was the one who introduced me to Punk and OI! and NYHC. He said, "Learn all the ramones songs foward and backwards, then worry about the complicated stuff." That really put things into perspective for me. 
He owned a Landscaping business and I worked for him. I guess thats where it all started for me. That and the Punk and Disorderly record. 

some favorite bands would be The Krays of course, Rancid, OPIV, Warzone, GBH, Oxymoron, Blood for Blood, Pressure Point, Anti-Heros, Hepcat, The Slackers The Unseen, Angry Samoans, Madball, BLITZ, Sheer Terror, The Bruisers, Subhumans, man way too many to list. 

There it is folks. Robs bio, in his own words. Eat it and weep bitches!!