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Spencer and Mikey AF at the Beer Olympics

Spencer. His real name Chris Spencer, but he just goes by Spencer. 



Spencer and Scot sit in the sun at a gas station.
The van overheated again! It was New Mexico in 
the summer 2002 and hot as hell.


He started playing when he was 14  and shortly after started playing in bands and jamming with friends. . The Krays were one of his main influences. Other influences were ... Oxymoron, Templars
Some of Spencers favorite bands besides are Blood for Blood, Atreyu,  The Bruisers...

CHRIS SPENCER - playing bass 
DOB: May 30th ninteen eighty TWO!
Occupation: Student, studying Music Electronic Technology.

Influences/favorite bands: the Templars, Blood For Blood, Raised Fist, the Bruisers, Thin Lizzy, Cold As Life, Metallica(before they sucked), Blitz, the Blood, Rykers, 50 cent,
Tears of Frustration, Agnostic Front, Oxymoron, In Flames, Everybody Gets Hurt.
Hobbies: writting music, coffee, ps2, rockin', disorderly conduct, chilin' w/ the mrs.
Favorites: Movie-Heat, TVshow-family guy, Sport-Wrestling, Food-steak, beer-Olde E,
Quote: Get busy livin' or get busy dyin'!