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There really are places where people truly belive in peace. There are places where people do in fact come together, and express that feeling, and all really is well. I think I managed to go there recently. An amazing friend of mine helped me on a long journey to actually stand in the middle of this place, and feel and live that wonderful miracle. It startyed out with me stumbling into a recording in a studio in the polish suburb of Greenpoint in Brooklyn. From there I have hgad the chance to record so music, and with the faith and talent of the studio owner, Tom, begin a journey I didnt even realise I was on. I got to stand in the middle of a huge show in where everyone was having a good time, joining together, and being people. It was a music festival, the "Polish Woodstock". Thje largest open air festival in Europe. We were so fortunate (with the loving help of Tom) To make it all the way there and see for our selves, first hand, how great people, and other places can be. TO be asked to even participate in this event is huge, and all I can say is how honored I am to actually be accepted into such a place of true love and hope. Crap, I can't say more about it all.  We shared water with people, laughs, and were given love and respect beyond meassure. I can never be truly worthy of such an honor. Anyway, the bottom line is that hope does exist, goodness and positive vibes honestey and truly do make a difference in this often sick world we live in. I am a new deciple of hope, and truth, and a positive end to this amazingly difficult but sometimes great life. Suerte mi amigos! Si no te veo, te veo en la otra lado.
Johnny and the fuckin Krays

Our world has lots of history. This country has so much history.Where we came from and how we got here should never be forgotten. It should be remembered, and taught, and passed on so that no one should forget, and repeat such awful crimes.

More Than 4 centuries have passed since Christopher Columbus landed on San Salvador, more than 3 centuries since the english colonists came to Virginia and New England. In that time the friendly Tainos who welcomed Columbus ashore have been utterly obliterated. Long before the last of the Tainos died, their simple agricultural and handicraft culture was destroyed and replaced by cotton plantations worked by slaves. The white colonists chopped down the tropical forests to enlarge their fields; The cotton plants exhausted the soil; winds unbroken by a forest shield covered the fields with sand. When Columbus first saw the island he described it as "very big and very level and the trees very green...the whole of it so green that it is a pleasure to gaze upon." The Europeans who followed him there destroyed its vegetation and its inhabitants--human, animal, bird, and fish---and after turning it into a wasteland, they abandoned it.

From "Bury my heart at Wounded Knee" by Dee Brown 
Inspired by "A People's History Of The United States" By the great Howard Zinn

Our 1st demo is posted on our myspace site. Go Download it for free!!!! Here is a link to it.

We have a couple releases already planned including a split 7" with Drastic Actions from Corpus Christi Texas. A great punk band. It's gonna be out in October on MUERTE NEGRA DISCOS!!!!


Bob Marley
(Rebel Music)

What life has taught me
I would like to share with
Those who want to learn...

Until the philosophy which hold one race
Superior and another inferior
Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned
Everywhere is war, me say war

That until there are no longer first class
And second class citizens of any nation
Until the colour of a man's skin
Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes
Me say war

That until the basic human rights are equally
Guaranteed to all, without regard to race
Dis a war

That until that day
The dream of lasting peace, world citizenship
Rule of international morality
Will remain in but a fleeting illusion
To be persued, but never attained
Now everywhere is war, war

And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes
that hold our brothers in Angola, in Mozambique,
South Africa sub-human bondage
Have been toppled, utterly destroyed
Well, everywhere is war, me say war

War in the east, war in the west
War up north, war down south
War, war, rumours of war

And until that day, the African continent
Will not know peace, we Africans will fight
We find it necessary and we know we shall win
As we are confident in the victory

Of good over evil, good over evil, good over evil
Good over evil, good over evil, good over evil

(Why do they want the world to be at war? Always war. Who really benefits? Why are the people on one continent of more value than those on others? Why are there atrocities taking place in one place we try and stop yet in so many others places they go unnoticed, and not one action is taken to prevent them.. We have the resources to help all of the people of the world. Why aren't we? Why do they want war? We are safe and warm and ENTERTAINED here, while so much of the world is suffering, and often for our benefit. Are we suppose to obey laws that we know in our heart of hearts to be imoral or unjust?
If there is a regime that is so insufferable and murderous, aren't we suppose to do something, whatever that may be, to stop it? They enforce policy, in our names, that are destroying the earth and harmfully affecting the lives of MILLIONS upon millions, and murdering thousands of innocent lives. Are those people less worthy of security, tranquility, and peace than us? Are we even aware of the countless things taking place around the world in our name, under the banner of freedom and democracy, and our "way of life"? Why, really why is there war? Again, who really is benefiting?
Genocide, inequality, plundering, imperialism... are not good national policies.
Why is there war? Who is benefiting, and what future are they leading us to?
If leading is what you call it.