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What can be said about the creepiest of the creepy, the craziest of the Krazy? In his relatively short tenure with the Krays this man has been shot, stabbed, screwed, mauled and nearly decapitated.
Well, atleast stabbed and screwed!! But he's survived both pretty much intact and is still eager to rock out for you all again and again. Ladies, his hobbies included entertaining beautiful women, listen and playing music. The latest LP I know he is rocking out with is Black Rose by Thin Lizzy . He is a carpenter by trade and the son of a black smith. Seriously, I couldn't make up some shit like that.Yeah, maybe I could, but I didn't.
OK, warren is the newest Kray.  Here are a few shots of Warren mixing it up, add some beer and more beer and there you go...


The Second shot is us both at the Beer Olympics in Atlanta a year or so back. 
So, I believe he's been playing guitar since he was a teenager. APA was his first working band but he was in another smaller band before. Some of his favorite bands are Radio Birdman, Devo, Slaughter and the Dogs, The Saints Motorhead!!...
Crap I just remembered, he also played in another Atlanta band called the Breakaways. They were also a great band, more punk rock n roll, they did a Turbo Negro cover live. Here's a shot of Warren with his brother Ollie who played bass in the Breakaways.